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People’s Food Co-op Community Fund


Do you believe in supporting local growers, in livable neighborhoods, in strong schools, in supporting other co-ops or in programs that make this community an even better place to live?

So do we.

And do you ever feel the amount of money you can contribute to any of these local efforts is no more than a drop in the bucket?

We often do.


But what if we all pooled our money together to benefit some of these community efforts? What an impact we could make!

That's why we were thrilled to be one of the only two co-ops in 2003 to have received a matching funds grant from the Twin Pines Co-operative Foundation to create our own philanthropic fund.

The People's Food Co-op took the $5,000 in grant money and added another $5,000 of our own funds to establish The People's Food Co-op Community Fund in 2003, with the specific mission of providing supplemental or project-specific funding to local non-profit organizations that have missions consistent with the goals of PFC.

The People's Food Co-op Community Fund (PFCCF) works much like any foundation; the contributions that you and the Co-op make to the fund are part of the permanent endowment. The endowment is invested in other co-ops and the interest earned is used by the PFCCF to make grants to local nonprofit organizations and cooperatives.

Unlike many other foundations or endowment funds, the PFCCF is invested in co-ops, not in the stock market. So unlike other funds that were negatively impacted by volatility in the stock market, our community fund continued to grow. The PFCCF enhances People's Food Co-op's ability to positively impact our community, which is a fundamental part of our mission. Over the past several years, through PFCCF grants we've funded community garden projects, community health programs, and farm to school programs—to name a few. 

We invite you to contribute to the PFCCF's endowment. We also invite your cooperative or nonprofit organization to apply for grant funding for your project that aims to improve the nutrition, health or social well-being of our communities. You can find information about grant qualifications on our application materials.

Click here to download Application for PFCCF