Our Co-op


Become an Owner Today!

Your Investment Dollars Help the Co-op Thrive and Grow: Owner equity is invaluable for big projects such as our recent store expansion. Put your dollars to work in your favorite store!

Monthly Discount: Once a month you are entitled to take 5% off the total of any one shopping trip.

Member Only Specials! Monthly specials just for owners to maximize savings.

Voting Privileges: As an owner, you are entitled to attend and enjoy the camaraderie of general owner meetings, to vote on Co-op issues and to elect Board Members. You are also eligible to run for the Board.

Patronage Rebates: Issued during profitable years, when approved by the Board. Just give your owner number each time you shop, and our cash registers are able to keep track of your purchases. When patronage rebates are approved, you get a percentage of your total purchases returned to you!

Discounted Rates on cooking and gardening classes.

Discounted Rates for owners on advertising costs in the co-op's newsletter.

Download the PFC Membership Form and bring this completed form to our Customer Service Desk with your payment to become an owner. You can also simply come to our store and our Customer Service Desk will provide you with all the necessary forms, and help you with the entire process.


Student Membership

Student membership is $10 for the duration of a calendar year running September through the following August. Student member benefits include: 
-Once per month you are entitled to take 5% off the total of any one shopping trip
-Member only specials
-Discounted rates on cooking glasses 
-Coffee club punch card (track your deli coffee purchases and your 11th drink is free!) 

Sign up in store with your student ID.