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Eating Local

Buy Local! Shop Local!


Local...it's a new trend that has been an integral part of how People's Food Co-op has done business for over 35 years. We can think of 7 Reasons to Buy Local right now! People's Food Co-op has built relationships with local farmers, ranchers, and producers that have endured for decades. Supporting "local" starts with our buyers who help to create a stable marketplace for producers in our own backyard – and it continues when you choose to spend your shopping dollars to support both the producers and that stable marketplace – the Co-op.

People's Food Co-op offers local selections in every area of our store. You'll find them clearly marked with "local" or "regional" tags to help you choose products that originate close to home. PFC defines "local" as coming from a producer that is located within 200 miles of PFC. We define "regional" as products from beyond that 200 mile radius but from the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, or Illinois. In 2008 PFC sold in excess of $1.5 million of local product – well over 15% of our total store sales. Click here for our Local Foods Brochure, a list of La Crosse and Rochester farmers' markets and local farms participating in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs.