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Community Involvement

‘Engagement with the community’ takes on a whole new meaning for a business like People’s Food Co-op, because our membership IS the community! PFC’s 9000 member-owners shape the work and involvement that the co-op does on their behalf on a wide range of topics related to the health, well-being, and sustainability of our communities.

Educational programs: Whether it be an on-site cooking class or lecture, or a special program designed for your school or business, PFC staff provides educational programming to hundreds of adults and children throughout the La Crosse area each year. We share our knowledge about natural foods, organic production, local agriculture, cooperatives, cooking, gardening, and a myriad of other topics in fun and engaging programs designed to capture your imagination and spark further learning.

Community Partnerships: People’s Food Co-op forms partnerships with many local community groups and events throughout the year including: Minnesota FoodShare, The Earth Day coalition, Hillview Urban Agriculture Center, Great River Folk Fest, Coulee Partners for Sustainability, Dowtown Mainstreet Inc., etc. Through these partnerships we contribute staff time, volunteers, ideas, solutions, classroom space, newsletter advertising, networking, and other co-op resources to aid in the success of mission related partnerships throughout our communities.

Financial support: Our cooperative provides thousands of dollars in cash support and in-kind donations to deserving local efforts throughout the region every year. Our contributions often come at a time when a small amount of funding, or lack of it, can make or break the efforts of a local organization.

Leadership: Our cooperative and General Manager play an important role in supporting and growing the food co-op world. By providing hands-on training to managers from other co-ops in our store, offering management mentoring and assistance, and serving in leadership positions on national co-op advocacy boards, PFC has grown into a leader in the food co-op industry.

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