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Board of Directors

The co-op’s board of directors is excited to hear from you. They are available to answer questions, give updates on the progress of the People's Food Co-op, and provide more information. Feel free to send the board of directors a message using the form at the bottom of this page.


Dan Litwiller
Board President


Rochester, Scientist, GE Healthcare
Two years on joint board, seven years on Rochester board

I have been honored to be part of the Rochester food co-op community now for nearly a decade, serving as board member and president of the Rochester co-op for a number of years. It has been a remarkable and uplifting experience to take part in the ongoing transformation of this great organization. More than anything else, I believe this incredible learning experience has prepared me well to continue to serve our growing co-op.

Heidi Blanke


La Crosse, writer
One year on La Crosse board

I have both board and nonprofit experience, having served, most recently, on the Coulee Region Humane Society Board of Directors and as WAFER Food Pantry’s Executive Director. My strongest skills and abilities are a cooperative leadership approach, writing and communication, a capacity to think before reacting, empathetic listening, and the ability to bring humor into many situations.

Beth Moore

La Crosse, Educator
One year on joint board, two years on La Crosse board

I have been a member/owner in Coops (consumer, worker, finance) since the mid ’70s. I value their practices of community ownership and local democracy. I am excited to be part of a thriving cooperative at a time in which we are seeing tremendous growth in this model for doing business.

Jocy Poehler


La Crosse, Staff Attorney for nonprofit legal services organization
Two years on joint board

During college and before attending law school I worked at the La Crosse store for almost seven years, where I became very familiar with the operational workings and needs of the store and its staff. I am dedicated to fresh, pure food and products and informed decision-making. Through school and my time on the Board, I am familiar with the Board's legal and ethical responsibilities and try my best to fulfill those duties while representing our membership. In my 'spare time', I chase around two rug rats.




Katherine Logan



Ray Schmitz

Two years on Rochester board, three+ on prior

I believe in local sustainable food; while conventional grocers set aside a small section for some products they do not advocate for and feature these foods. We need to work to develop marketing systems that allow small growers to compete. Increasingly, organic foods are part of corporate agriculture and have all the problems endemic to those systems. The co-op movement is uniquely able to bring these products to your table and I work to foster that.

Tessa Leung

Rochester, restaurateur
One year on Rochester board

I love the that we are able to showcase and support local and seasonal food in such a direct manner. I am the owner of Sontes in Rochester, a farm-to-table restaurant focusing on seasonal, locally grown food. We have a network of more than 40 local producers who supply us with everything from vegetables to meats to cheese, and many of these foods can be found at the coop too! I am a Rochester native and I love being involved in the community and showing off the diversity of products produced right here in Southeast Minnesota.

Monica Lunde

La Crosse, Accountant
New board member
I am a LaCrosse native and an active member of the community. I have over 18 years of experience in retail accounting and will use this knowledge to further the growth of the co-op community. I am an advocate for fresh, local, and organically grown food. Our co-op provides a great opportunity for healthy choices while supporting many local suppliers. Cooperation between our two communities will strengthen the positive impact we can make in each of our local economies.