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EvanHealy: Win the Battle over Dry Skin

Wellness Week: February 22–28

Don’t let winter get the better of your skin. Shea butter is the ultimate natural defense against dry, damaged, and rough skin. Rich in Vitamins A and E, and loaded with essential fatty acids, shea butter has healing properties as well as being an exceptional moisturizer. Shea butter comes from the nut of the shea tree in West Africa. The nuts are harvested, crushed, and slow-roasted to create the butter. (

Shea butter also contains anti-inflammatory properties and anti-aging properties, such as increasing collagen production. In addition to dry skin, shea butter is suitable for use on wrinkles, rash, eczema, scars, hair conditioning, and dry lips ( The hydrating and protective benefits of shea butter make it a must-have in the battle of winter dry skin.

Caution! All shea butter is not created equal. To receive its beneficial properties, chose one that is cold-pressed with no added chemicals or preservatives. Evanhealy’s organic shea butter comes from the women of the Kpersi village in Ghana, where shea butter production is vital for their economy.  Evanhealy Whipped Shea Butter is prepared by hand in small batches and blended with infused oils to create a luxurious and antioxidant-laden skin care treatment. Stop by the Wellness counter today and sample it for yourself.

– Sherry Beams, Wellness Lead Clerk