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Power Outage Update

27 June 2016

People's Food Co-op La Crosse is currently experiencing our third power outage in ten days. Unfortunately, the La Crosse store is closed today, Monday, June 27th, while Xcel Energy repairs their underground infrastructure. This event is impacting 28 customers in downtown La Crosse and the last event impacted 77 customers. We intend to be open again for normal business hours on Tuesday, June 28. Updates will be posted at and social media.

There are multiple causes of these outages, all related to degraded power delivery systems off the store's premises and beyond our control.

The co-op cannot serve its members and community effectively with these disruptions. Not only is it frustrating to find your store closed, it is costly to our cooperative business in terms of lost sales, refrigeration rental, and labor associated with shutting down and restarting all major systems. We are taking this issue very seriously and evaluating options to ensure more stable infrastructure.

Food safety and staff safety are foremost concerns whenever power is lost. All products in the coolers are very carefully monitored so they stay within safe temperature ranges. We are able to minimize losses with temporary refrigerated trailers parked outside.

We are doing everything we can today to restore our business for tomorrow. You can help by delaying purchases until the store re-opens to minimize the impact of lost sales. The PFC staff has shown remarkable teamwork and resilience through these events. We are all eager to return to serving you.

In cooperation,

Lizzy Haywood