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Pacha:  A Soap Company on a Mission

Wellness Week: February 22–28

Organic, fair-trade, natural mineral pigments, and pure essential oils, are the quality ingredients that make up Pacha Soap. Founded by Andrew Vrbas, Pacha Soap is on a mission to make the world a better place.

Andrew was inspired to empower people living in poverty by creating sustainable work. He was also concerned with the number of global illnesses that could be reduced by teaching proper hand-washing skills. By establishing soap-making shops in regions of need, Pacha teaches soap-making skills and proper hand-washing hygiene.

Their Raise the Bar campaign is simply this: when you purchase a bar of Pacha soap (made in Nebraska), another bar is made by a small soap-making shop in Rwanda or Peru, and given to people in the community. Pacha’s mission is to establish soap-shops, educate, and donate soap, all over the world.

Pacha soaps are hand-made and come in a variety of pleasant scents. Try a bar of Fennel Lavender, Patchouli & Nutmeg, Tangerine Eucalyptus, or my favorite, Charcoal, and help raise the bar!

– Sherry Beams, Wellness Lead Clerk