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Old Time Music Jam Session

Open to musicians and listeners. Thursdays, 7 to 9 p.m.



For the last several years, an informal, but regularly occurring, musical event has been taking place at People’s Food Co-op of La Crosse. Stop by Thursday evenings and join or watch PFC’s Old Time Music Jam Session. We spoke with organizer Chuck Lee recently about the event. “We don’t really have a name for the group. We haven’t performed out or anything.”

Anyone is welcome to join in—anyone who plays a stringed instrument, that is. Chuck says the group varies in size from week to week. Only once has he shown up and been the only player. In early April, there were ten players filling the north end of the co-op’s deli café.

The group began as a once-a-month session, but that changed to twice-a-month and now they’re playing every Thursday from 7 to 9 p.m.

“We focus on old-time music,” Chuck says, “that, by definition, is music written between the Civil War and the First World War. There are a lot of European influences in American music from that period. You pick up influences from Northern European and Eastern European music.” You’ll hear Norse and Celtic songs and dances, airs and reels in any given session.

There’s no sheet music provided for the players, so you have to bring your good ear. The session is free for players and listeners and the music is excellent. Come on down Thursdays for a few songs before your weekly grocery run.