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La Crosse Remodel Update 4

Progress Report No. 4

Hello PFC owners and friends,

We are so ready for the upcoming revamp in La Crosse! The goals for this project are:

  • Expand deli space for more great food and convenient self-serve options
  • Speedier checkout with an additional express lane and dedicated customer- service lane
  • Improved signage to increase the visibility of the store from Cass Street
  • Increased safety inside and around the building for customers and staff

We changed the flow of the grocery and wellness departments in early August. We are excited that sales have grown throughout the store–and hope it means you’re finding more of what you love. In the aisle between wine and grocery you will find a temporary display of Co-op Basics items. These items are on deep sales through September 16—stock up today!

Have you checked it out yet? What do you think? We LOVE to hear from you, so please send any feedback. It’s easy—just use this link.

The La Crosse project was scheduled for completion by November 9, so we could have all construction out of the way before the holiday shopping begins. However, we won’t be able to hit that mark. Our financing partner, National Co-op Bank, is doing all necessary legwork to support the project but it is taking longer than planned. With the unanticipated delay, we will not be able to order equipment in time to be finished before November 9. It would be a disservice to PFC shoppers to have the deli torn up during the holidays. Instead, the work will be completed in two parts:

Part 1 will happen this fall, between September 17 to October 31. This includes the redesign of the 5th Avenue entrance, new service counter, additional express lane, painting the whole interior of store, repairing sidewalks and awnings, and adding signs.

Deli seating area will be open throughout all of 2018! (Speaking of the deli, we’ve gotten some great questions about changes to the seating area. We want you to know that wheelchair accessibility remains a priority. When the revamp is finished there will be ample space for turnarounds, easier access through the 5th Avenue entrance, and counter heights which are ADA-compliant.)

Part 2 will happen in January and February. This is the BIG ONE: moving the freezers, and beer & wine fixtures, to make room for the additional self-service areas: soup, bakery, beverage cooler and hot bar. The end results will be delicious.

We don’t like the delays, but we have been prepared for “Plan B” and know that we will be able to complete the project in the winter. Our high-caliber partners in construction and design are working with our team to make sure we have a successful completion. This is going to result in a more wonderful store that is part of a more wonderful co-op – in part because of YOU!

Please be in touch with any questions or concerns about our La Crosse plans—or any other items! I can be reached at or by phone when you call either store. Thank you for being part of the People’s Food Co-op community.

Until next week,

Lizzy Haywood, CEO