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La Crosse Remodel Update 3

Progress report No. 3

What a week! Our La Crosse team has been doubling down, completely redesigning the bulk and packaged aisles. Here are some of the highlights of the changes:

  • Water is now filtered by Midwest Best Water Company and we upgraded to this machine because now we can provide reverse osmosis and alkaline water
  • Bulk coffee is now located in the bulk aisle.
  • Dried fruit and bulk candy is currently at the ends of the grocery aisles but will be located in produce by Monday.

The products have been re-arranged to make them easier to find, and we’ve made room to bring in more local food.

We’ve opened the aisle across from the beer and wine department in preparation for Phase 4. The freezers will be pushed “back” in order to open up more space in the deli area. In the meantime, we’ll be filling that aisle with all kinds of great deals for you to check out.

Our staff did such a great job of helping shoppers and getting the hard work handled this week. Special thanks to Brian, Jess, Emily, Stephen, Ed, Jen, Scott, Matt, Annie, Caleb, Gina, Mark, Daniel for making this happen.

Co-op is community. It is where we meet new friends, find familiar faces, and share ideas. Spending time in both stores every week, I see the joy and comfort that bubbles up through the co-op connections. And this week, during long days, this was even more apparent. Our team is gratified by the cheers we’ve gotten from shoppers. THANK YOU for your patience and your encouragement, and we hope you’ll love what you find in the aisles!

Be sure to send us your feedback – we want to hear from you.

Until next week,

The PFC Team