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La Crosse Remodel Update No. 6

Hello co-op owners and friends—

We’ve installed the door in its new location on the 5th Avenue side and are excited for the new window to arrive! We are starting to see how this will provide a bright and welcoming entrance from the west side.

Last week we moved the entryway alarm panels to a new wall. That created some headaches on Friday because we needed to shut down the power to the elevator. Thank you to everyone who shopped on Friday morning for your patience and to staff who handled food up and down the stairs.

While we’re working on this entryway ALL SERVICES REMAIN OPEN:

  • Parking lot entrance is open
  • Hackberry’s restaurant is open regular hours
  • Pastry case with cakes and bars is fully accessible
  • Deli seating area is fully accessible
  • Stairwell to restrooms and Hackberry’s are accessed from outside door (the single door)
  • Elevator accessed from inside the store near registers.
  • Sliding doors will be closed until October 4

Beginning Friday we’ll install a new countertop in the deli seating area. Eventually it will have electrical and USB outlets for charging your devices. Painting of the entire store will also begin on Friday and you’ll begin to see a new brigher more vibrant color palette throughout the store.

Within the next three weeks we will build a speedier checkout system with an extra express lane and dedicated customer service lane. We’ll be repairing concrete, adding better bike parking, and a bit of outdoor seating.

Our People’s Picnics are coming up – have you booked your visit to these FREE events? They are fun, family-friendly, and full of great food and great people. Join us at either or both People’s Picnics on October 5 and October 13. Details are here.

As always, stay in touch with any questions or concerns. I can be reached at or by phone when you call either store. Thank you for being part of the People’s Food Co-op community.

Cooperatively yours,

Lizzy Haywood