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La Crosse Remodel Update No. 5


Good morning PFC owners and friends—

Pardon our mess, everyone, but here we are - opening up the 5th Avenue entrance to more sun and a better traffic flow! Thank you so much for your patience during the re-routing.

  • During the next two weeks some doors from the street are temporarily blocked
  • Parking lot entrance is open
  • Stairwell to restrooms and Hackberry’s are accessed from outside door (the single door)
  • Sliding doors will be closed until October
  • Elevator accessed from inside the store near registers

The customer service desk is located nearest to the carts at the exit to the parking lot.

Within the next four weeks we will build a speedier checkout system with an extra express lane and dedicated customer service lane. We are also adding some new countertop seating in the deli, repairing concrete, adding better bike parking and a little bit of outdoor seating.

I want to give a big thanks to our team of cashiers who prepared the temporary location for the service desk and so gracefully helped out with the transition this week.

As always, stay in touch with any questions or concerns. I can be reached at or by phone when you call either store.

Thank you for being part of the People’s Food Co-op community.
Until next week,

Lizzy Haywood

PS - It is Owner Drive time! Have you referred your favorite non-owner yet? Who’s on your list of friends or family who should be a co-op owner? Check our website for info about the extra-awesome incentives during our owner drive, which goes through October 31. YOU can help your co-op community reach 10,000 owners!