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La Crosse Remodel Update #9

Our first week of major construction went really well. Lots of progress!

  • Classy new awnings
  • Electrical box installed for rotisserie chicken display, near bread racks
  • Cut the floor to make a trench for new refrigeration line.
  • Install mechanicals: plumbing, electrical, and refrigeration lines installed in new trench
  • New electricals and refrigeration controllers installed
  • Organized freezers for next week's big move

On Monday morning we move the long freezer into its new home, and begin the work to move the next line of freezers.We'll re-open one line of freezers on the 21st and the next one a week later - with many many new products! We are very excited to show off all the new selections.

The wellness aisle will be returned to its home by Tuesday morning 1/15. Thank you for your patience as you've had to navigate around plastic walls and salad bars to find your favorite remedies! Our awesome Wellness Team has been great at guiding people to the temporary spots.

through this week we are still selling down our freezer inventory - stop by to save! Then, by the end of the month, all of the freezers, beverage coolers and deli grab-n-go will be in their new homes. We'll turn our attention to the big deli and meat remodel. Great things ahead, including the new hot bar, relocated salad bar, and new salad and pastry cases!

One thing we are super excited for is the new dishwasher which will allow us to have real dishes for all of you at the deli. The waste reductions will be dramatic!

Our staff has been patient and helpful this week as we've made several changes to the timeline. Thanks to all, especially our folks in grocery, wellness and to cashiers!

A reminder that shopping after 3:00 means that the construction has mostly wrapped up for the day. And we have happy hour specials Monday-Thursday, and brand-spanking-new Community Meal on Wednesday - all starting at 4:00. Join us! Good food and huge savings.