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La Crosse Remodel Update #10

We are beginning the third week of construction: finishing the freezer/cooler phase.

Hello People's Food Co-op friends -

We are beginning the third week of construction: finishing the freezer/cooler phase. Within the next 7 days the freezers, beverage cooler and deli grab-n-go cooler will be stocked and running in their new homes.

We have been so excited to open the "new" freezer section and now today is the day! Starting this morning, the big freezer gets restocked with fresh product and lots of new items. Come in to see what's in store!

The biggest inconvenience this week is that the grab-n-go cooler is empty. It is being moved a bit to the east, backing up against the new freezer section. We will restock this cooler with all of your favorites on Saturday January 26.

Deli counter and meat department are open all week long. Soups and sandwiches and the weekly hot special are all available as usual, along with the pastries and salads.

The deli seating area will be smaller starting today, as we prep for the addition of a freezer and cooler for deli. during the remodel we'll be adding some seating along the newly-built deli counter, but for now there are not as many seats available. We apologize for the inconvenient seating during this time.


Thank you for shopping with the Co-op while products are relocated and moved around the store. The excitement of renovations is palpable in the store, but the noise and constant rearranging of displays has required extra patience.

There are new deals every single day at the Co-op - check out Happy Hour, Wednesday Community Meal, and Weekend Flash Sales - it makes that trip to the Co-op extra worth it!


Looking ahead:

  • Last day for full service at the deli counter and meat departments is Saturday, January 26.
  • Deli, meat and cheese areas will be closed starting Sunday, January 27.
  • Seating area is closed starting January 28.
  • All of these will reopen by March 1.

We are making sure that lots of great food is available during that month, and that you have a comfortable place to sit and rest while construction is focused on the deli.

  • bakery
  • coffee
  • cold sandwiches
  • cold entrees and salads
  • quiches
  • hot soup
  • hot lunch special
  • fresh ground beef
  • select Co-op's Own sausages
  • all selections from refrigerated meat case (bacon, fresh cuts, chicken, hams)
  • frozen meat and seafood
  • select cheeses

Starting Monday, January 28, the Community Room is open for seating. Haven't been in the Community Room before? It's on the 2nd floor, located on the way to the public bathrooms. PFC staff will welcome you to this temporary dining area through the whole month of February, with hot coffee and comfortable seating.

Please send along your questions and comments - we love getting feedback about all of the Co-op activities.

See you in the store -