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La Crosse Store Remodel News

Here's the lastest news on the La Crosse store remodel in 2018.



Here's the lastest news on the La Crosse store remodel in 2018.

We are coming to the end of the development phase of the remodel planning, and things are heating up! We wanted to share with you a bit about how the development process has gone and look at what’s ahead.

Planning begins with identifying the “who” of People’s Food Co-op:

We are people working together to create a sustainable community.

We are guided by our goals about what kind of difference we can make in the world. These are called the “Co-op’s Ends,” and are defined by the PFC board of directors.

  • Increase the availability of high quality safe food at fair prices with an emphasis on local, organic, fairly traded, and natural goods
  • Create a better educated, empowered and engaged community that thinks and cares about food, health, and sustainability
  • Create a robust cooperative economy

During the past two years, we have been working with many stakeholders to draw up these plans. Over time, we developed a refined vision of what will best serve the needs of our shoppers and our whole community.

  • Board of directors defined the vision of the co-op and affirmed the Co-op’s Ends
  • Management staff gave input early on and continues to provide expert advice throughout the process on equipment and design
  • Input from owners and other shoppers on current shopping challenges and preferences
  • Input from Downtown Mainstreet Inc. and the City of La Crosse
  • Market analysis by two different firms
  • Feasibility studies by La Crosse experts and by the Development Cooperative

What are the main goals of the project?

1. Focus on staff safety by improvements to the receiving dock and backroom

2. Expand deli space for more great food and faster service and improved seating

3. Make shopping easy with faster checkout lines

4. The project includes many other top-to-bottom improvements, from new outdoor signage to a Community Room refresh (not shown).

Throughout the process we are committed to listening closely to people in our community to make sure that we are meeting your needs. While we are focused on the details of a full-scale remodel, we are continually guided by our Co-op’s Ends. We can’t be successful unless we’ve made a positive impact in the world. By working together, we are creating a sustainable community.

We are headed toward 10,000 owner households! The ownership growth of the co-op is one way to gauge the community’s support of the co-op. Dozens of new owners are investing every month, showing that people are excited about being part of our community-owned grocery stores.

When our ownership grows, so does the equity of our business. This is broad-based shared wealth, and is the hallmark of consumer co-ops. It is what makes us different from privately owned grocery stores.

What’s next?

1. Finalize floor plans and designs

2. Identify financial partners

3. Identify contractor partners

4. Begin work in July, continuing through early November

—Lizzy Haywood