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Food Safety Modernization Act

New FDA rules tilt the playing field against smaller producers

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed new regulations for agricultural producers that, if implemented, would place an undue burden on smaller farms. These new rules would require small and mid-scale farmers to invest in safety equipment and procedures that, while appropriate and affordable for large-scale farms, would create new barriers for smaller farmers and processors. The FDA is taking public comments on the new rules until November 14.

Our friends and local organic suppliers at Ridgeland Harvest have written to request the public’s input on the new rule changes. Ridgeland writes:

“The looming Food Safety Modernization Act could change everything in favor of large-scale conventional farms. If you can, please give input to the FDA to protect the local food movement, or sign Cornucopia’s proxy letter at, to let the Cornucopia Institute represent you in Washington.

“This is important and it is vital that we don’t allow the large conventional factory farms to unfairly influence the FDA and regulate us small farms out of existence. Please take some sort of action. If the rule doesn’t change, most of your food dollars will go to California and there will be fewer choices for you in your grocery store. We are not typically alarmists, but the future looks difficult if we don't work to change the pending rule.”

Primary documents and an analysis of the proposed regulations can be found at this website.