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Board Election Report

New election information!

The 2014 PFC Board Election and Bylaws vote failed to achieve the required member quorum, unfortunately. As you know, democratic control is a defining feature of our cooperative, and member election participation is vital to the continued success of our food co-op. Without your participation in our elections, the Board cannot effectively conduct business on your behalf.

The Board of Directors has opted to re-run the election at a substantial cost to the Co-op of about $10,000. Please watch your mailbox after the beginning of the year for a new ballot packet (printed on bright green paper as in previous years). Please note, all previously returned ballots are VOID. If you voted before, you must vote again in this new election. Please vote, using either the postpaid mailer or the store ballot box.

In addition to the usual Board Election, the 2014 ballot includes a number of proposed amendments to our bylaws intended to streamline the governance process and to support the continued success of our growing food Co-op. We urge you to support these sensible amendments. Board candidate statements are available on-line here.

Again, your participation in the democratic process is vital and much appreciated. Please don’t hesitate to contact your Board with questions or comments and please don’t forget to vote!

On behalf of the Board,
Dan Litwiller, President