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Announcement from People’s Food Co-op

Sometimes our interest in serving the needs of our members requires bold changes. Now is such a time. We have listened carefully to our members who shop primarily in Rochester, who have clearly stated that the addition of wine, beer and spirits will be a great value. We have come to agree. For this reason, we are currently pursuing the acquisition of a full off-sale liquor license allowing retail sales. 

Our goal is that in 2016 we will offer a full array of liquor options, after a re-design of our community room and administrative spaces. Additionally, we are committed to continue offering lots of fun and diverse classes and providing meeting space. Our liquor department in the La Crosse store, which we've had for over 20 years, is our model for including a diverse mix of local and organic options with competitive prices on familiar brands.
As the population of downtown Rochester grows, we know that diversifying our product offerings will invite many new residents to our co-op, and will make our co-op an even more beloved grocery store. We will grow our membership community and the strength of our business with increased services.
Thank you for your continued engagement and participation - it is your ownership which guides us to make decisions which positively impact our whole community. We are very excited to bring this new service to you! 
Cooperatively yours,
Lizzy Haywood