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Focus: ADHD

Imagine you’re a seven year-old child at school. You’re seated in your hard, uncomfortable desk chair. There are many things happening in the classroom...

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Ferndale Market Turkeys

Cooking tips from Ferndale

Few things are more central to family traditions than food, and we know there are many methods to prepare a great-tasting turkey—ovens, grills, and fryers, brined or buttered—the options seem endless! No matter how you prepare your bird, here are some general tips for making sure your turkey is moist and delicious.

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Announcement from People’s Food Co-op

Greetings People’s Food Co-op Members, Our mission is tri-fold: to build community, grow a loyal and thriving membership, and be the best fresh food market in the country. This mission guides our daily work as well as planning the future of our stores.

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Power Outage Update

27 June 2016

People's Food Co-op La Crosse is currently experiencing our third power outage in ten days. There are multiple causes of these outages, all related to degraded power delivery systems off the store's premises and beyond our control.

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Revisiting Ferndale Market

Dale always believed raising quality turkeys was the best contribution he could make to the world, and his formula for success was simple: he worked hard, treated customers as family, and cared deeply for both the land and his turkeys.

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Horse-drawn agriculture

Amish farms supplying PFC

“I've never seen a year like this,” Jonas Hochstetter says as we walk along his rows of tomato plants. “The ground was too wet at planting. The plants aren't as healthy as they ought to be. The tomatoes will be a month late. It makes you wonder when we'll have our frost.”

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