PFC prides itself on being a great neighborhood market. We carry a full selection of grocery items from familiar brands to the most highly regarded organic producers. Throughout the store you’ll find a wide variety of choices – from value brands, to locally produced items, fairly-traded, to gourmet options.

All of these choices have one thing in common: they’re the products our shoppers want. PFC prides itself on its community ownership and unlike most supermarkets you’ll find our department managers on the sales floor, greeting customers and working side-by-side with their staff members. Our managers are accessible so that they can listen to you – what you want and need from your co-op – and our product selections are driven by your requests.

Along with the standard grocery fare you’ll also find products for those with special dietary needs – gluten and wheat-free products, dairy-free products, vegan selections, and sugar-free goods. (Click here to view our special dietary brochures.)

Co-op Basics

If you’re looking to stretch your shopping dollar, look for the purple Co+op Basics signs! Whether you’re a student shopping for yourself or feeding a family on a budget, there’s no reason healthy, organic food shouldn’t have a place in your shopping cart.

People’s Food Co-op is excited to announce a new line of Co-op Basics products available at low prices every day. Look for the “Co-op Basics” purple signs for rock bottom prices.

We may be a small, locally owned grocery, but that doesn’t stop us from finding creative ways to save you money on your grocery choices. People’s Food Co-op is a member of the National Co-op Grocers, along with 148 other food co-ops across the country operating in 202 different locations. By joining with other co-ops, we are able to purchase products as one large group in order to lower costs, and in turn, we pass that savings on to you.


PFC has a true commitment to promoting the health of our shoppers, staff, and the environment, but organic food can seem out of reach for some consumers. Co-op Basics is a selection of staple organic and natural foods and household goods priced below— sometimes well below—suggested retail price. It’s exciting to bring more options to our customers.

So next time you come in and shop, look for the purple Co-op Basics signs and take advantage of great prices. Now anyone can afford to put delicious, organic food on the table!



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