Save on Bulk Items

PFC’s bulk department is the best kept money-saving secret in La Crosse or Rochester! We carry a large selection of the freshest bulk products in either city. We have everything from all-purpose flour, dried beans, every shape of pasta imaginable, nuts, and snacks to bulk spices, herbs, and loose teas.

Why buy in bulk? Studies have shown that Americans throw away 14% of the food that they bring home for consumption … that’s $14 of every $100 shopping trip! When you buy in bulk you can buy just the amount you can use, meaning you save money by not throwing out extras.

You also save because when you buy in bulk you aren’t paying for the packaging which often makes up a large percentage of the retail cost of many goods. No packaging means even less to throw away. You’re saving money and trash! We can also offer you products you can’t find elsewhere – quinoa, kasha, sprouting seeds – you can even stop at the end of the aisle to grind your own organic almond or peanut butter, or stock up on local honey. Buy as much or as little as you need, and save on packaging!