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Soap made with goats’ milk! Shanna’s back—La Crosse

From: October 27, 2017 at 6:00pm to: 8:00pm

With: Shanna

We really like it when Shanna come to town! The owner of “Simple Soaps for Simple Folks” comes back to ask the question: Looking to learn about saponification? Get together with your friends, family or coworkers to get some hands-on experience. We’ll do a short educational half-hour on the difference between handmade and commercial soaps and then get down to the dirty with batching cold-process goat milk soaps. You will receive a packet of information and a recipe to take home. Two bars of the soaps we batch together will go home with you too. Make sure you wear clothes you are not afraid to get dirty, and bring a bath towel with you. We’ll provide the molds. 

Cost: $15 members; $25 nonmembers.

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