Sri Chinmoy Peace Runners

Sri Chinmoy Peace Runners

PFC had the honor of briefly hosting the Sri Chinmoy peace runners today. The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run is a global relay that seeks to strengthen international friendship and understanding and help spread peace across the globe, one person at a time. This international group started their run in New York City this April, made their way down and across North America (including a stop in Mexico) then back up the west coast and into parts of Canada before returning to the US. Today they are stopping here in La Crosse on their way back to finish in NYC once again in mid-August.

Sri Chinmoy was an Indian spiritual leader who promoted world peace and believed in the power of athleticism to help individuals find inner peace. As one member of the team said today, “Our belief is that peace starts one person at a time, inside of the individual’s heart.” The group run aims to inspire the individuals they meet along the way to think, act, and move toward peace and create goodwill.

The runners also granted the honor of holding the peace torch that is carried throughout the group’s route. They asked PFC staff to make a wish for world peace while holding the relay torch, a cause PFC gladly supports. We encourage readers to take a reflective moment and make an honest, resolute wish for peace in your lives, our local community, our country, and our planet. Across the world we are facing the most challenging social, political, and environmental issues of our time. Working toward solutions to these problems is going to take a united human effort, which can only happen when we all stand together equally and peacefully. Creating that peace will be a difficult journey filled with work for all of us to do, and we can all help make it a reality by first committing to the ideal of peace. 

-Peter Gorski 

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